This page is dedicated to David Rose, My dad and hero. 

He took his own life after battling depression on the 13th of October 2014.

A tough way to start an ‘About page’, and I could have made it more polite by saying ‘ we lost him’ or ‘he is no longer with us’, and trust me I sometimes find it easier to put it that way, but there is a reason why I think it is important that I started in this way.

Death is a horrible and hard topic to discuss full stop. I miss my dad every moment of every day. But I know that many people and families feel that there is some shame about suicide. The way it is discussed or not discussed, is why I started so openly. There is no shame in the way my Dad died. He was Ill. Depression took him quickly. He spent time in hospital and being cared for at home. When people ask me how my dad died I reply ‘He died of an Illness; Depression, and he took his own life’ , because there is so much more to suicide than that moment, and I think its easy to forget that, I know I used to, before I experianced it so closely. My family (pictured above) are open about it, because we all see the importance of being open.

Man, That was tough to write.

But out of all the darkness comes light. As a family we have decided to ‘Switch the light on’  depression and mental illness, which is too often kept in the dark. My siblings and I decided to run 10k to raise money for MIND the mental health charity, after already raising over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS when we make MIND our requested charity instead of flowers after dad died. We ran in 2015 and raise over £3000 in total!

Since then I have had my own struggles, ups and downs and experience with mental health, something I have detailed in my blog! I’ve experienced it first hand, I”ve helped support people and I’ve watched people on their own mental health journey.

I’ve tried to keep writing blogs every now and then, all about mental health and grief and I have recently updated and refreshed the website so have a look around!

This Page is about our fundraising, and my personal journey with shedding light on mental Illness. Everyone’s journey with depression is different, it affects not only the person suffering but those around them. I hope this page and our honesty as a family can help other understand and help, even in a small way, to switch the light on depression.


Sophie Rose

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