A Birthday to remember and a Fundraising Goal

Original Post: 29/06/2018

Today would have been Dads 50th birthday. The big 5 0!! This year will also be the 4th anniversary of his death.

For those of you that have not read my other blogs YET (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!??!?) Dad became Ill which ultimately made him take his own life. I’ve written several blogs surrounding losing Dad and mental illness as well…and the are well worth a read ..( its plug central today) but Todays blog is about celebration!! 

Ok hear me out, cause celebration is probably a strange word to use in reference to someone who is no longer on this earth and wont physically be turning 50…..

Lets get a little deep, 

We are still celebrating 50 years of Dad affecting people. He might not be physically here but 50 years ago he was born and changed the lives of his mum, dad, brothers, sisters. In the past 50 years he has had a profound effect on my mother who he met at 13 and had a long happy marriage. And during his time on this earth he created 3 humans, half of him, out of love and happiness. And I can tell you first hand that is offspring are the bees knees…….!!!

For 50 years, Dad and the memories of Dad have affected those that loved him. And for my and my siblings He is still a Massive part of who we are and will be even if he’s not physically here. Of those 50 years i was honoured to have 21 years of non-stop, good, annoying, frustrating, hilarious, wonderful years of knowing my Dad. So hells yeah lets celebrate. 

So my siblings and I, are going to mark his 50th and 4 years by completing 4 things for charity between us over the next year raising money for MIND. When D

ad first died we completed 10k for Mind and raised over £3000 pounds thanks to all of your support. We all vowed to raise more money but life gets in the way and we’ve all had our hurdles and issues with mental health. As per my last blog, I am on the mend from a battle with anxiety myself so even more reason to show mental illness that we are ready to fight again, raise money, and remember my Dad. 

We are currently in the process of planning these 4 things so WATCH THIS SPACE AND GET READY TO DIG DEEP AND DONATE!! 

As a family we vow to keep switching the light on mental health and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In Dads case it was terminal but for so many of us its not and it doesn’t have to be. 

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY DAY DAD  and here’s to 4 things for 4 years for Mind!! 

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