Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt….Literally…

Original Post: 07/07/2015

So theres this thing, called time…and it manages to run away from us occasionally! OOPS.

I suddenly realized the other day that I hadn’t updated/blogged on the page about us actually completing our 10k on 31st May. My deepest apologies….

So as you may or may not know, this page was set up by myself following the decision my siblings and I made to run Bristol 10k to raise money for MIND in memory of our dad, David Rose. (for more information please take a look around the website)

We had raised over £1000 pure from asking for donations instead of flowers after Dad’s death and decided we wanted to raise more and give something back to everyone that had supported us, and had donated. 

So despite none of us being keen runner, my sister, brother, his girlfriend and myself

signed up……scary stuff!!

We all had ups and downs in training, and at times our lack of, but the 31st came around far too quickly and the 10k was upon us!

It was a gruelling day but all four of us completed it in the following times: 

Sophie (myself) 01:01:03 

Michael 01:02:59

Gaby 01:11:07

Abigail 01:20:28

It was an unbelieveable experience, and I may have finally caught the running bug (although i’ve only been once since…so dont hold me to it guys!)

After a big push with the fundraising we have reached a staggering  £3,162.32!

completely smashing our target of £2500! Its safe to say I let a lil tear or two go once we went over the target! It is safe to say I was extremely proud to wear my MIND T-shirt, and I am sure Dad was looking down on us 😀


Mind T-shirt ready

Well I fully intend to raise more money doing things I never thought I could, and I will continue to write blogs and raise awareness for mental health. So keep your eyes peeled…

BUT FOR NOW, here are some pictures and a video from the day….PROOF!

Post run tin foil!
So relieved it was over!
Tomato Face!
Looking relaxed before hand!
My Friend who came to cheer us on!
Pre-run stretch
Me – Mid Run
Photo Session before!
On our way feeling Super scared
Most nerve-wracking Car journey!
My Brother and I feeling Pumped after!
Team Rose for Mind

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