Christmas without you.

Original Post: 16/12/2016 Lets not beat about the bush. Christmas isn’t just about family time and buying presents for the people you love. Its also a stark reminder of loved ones you AREN'T buying presents for. I lost my Dad October 2014 after a tough battle with mental illness which ultimately ended his life. And... Continue Reading →

Be More Umbrella…

Original Post: 03/10/2016 Be more Umbrella?! 'SOPHIE' I hear you cry...'WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT THIS TIME?!' Bare with me guys!, have I let you down yet? Strap in and get ready for the next Sophie's-vague-strange-and-thought-provoking-metaphors, its gonna be bumpy! So, I, Sophie Rose, Pledge to be more umbrella. Depression and mental Illness is often... Continue Reading →

Back to Reality…

Original Post: 29/06/2016 My Graduation Happy Birthday to my Dad. It is the second birthday since he died and 'second' is going to be the theme of this small blog.  Now many people may disagree with me but I think the second year is possibly harder than the first. Because its back to reality. The... Continue Reading →

A,B or C?

Original Post: 22/04/2016 Tom breaks his leg and is on crutches. He can go to school but his injury makes it hard to get around and carry his stuff and parts of school are much harder to negotiate. Stairs are super tough but with the right support he can do it and will eventually be able to... Continue Reading →

I love you whole…

Original Post: 09/03/2015 I felt very strongly about speaking at Dad's funeral. I wanted to share my love and gratitude for having known him, but also confront depression head on. As a family we decided that it was important that his illness was not ignored in the service, like we were ashamed or hiding it. My sister... Continue Reading →

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