Why aren’t these seen as equal?!

Week 2 Update of 52k for MIND

Week 2 is done and dusted and there are 18 days left! eek!

and it’s been a tough one….

Yep. my ankle/foot issues flared up Sunday.

So what did I do? I took care of myself, I lowered my expectations, I iced it, I rested it when I needed to, I did what I needed to be able to recover.

In the past I would have cursed myself and kept pushing though as though nothing was wrong until I did some serious damage and that would have been the end of my 52k all together.

Amazingly I’ve still managed to complete 15.93 k this week, just through small but consistent mini-walks and low-impact workouts. My ankle is feeling loads better and I should be back to normal this week. But if not I will still look after my self – to prevent further injury or to prevent it getting worse.

This got me thinking (UH-OH)

Looking after a Physical injury and our Physical health is such an accepted thing. I’m sure, after reading the above, you may have been like “Sophie, of course you rested your ankle and have been more careful, why are you telling us this?” Everyone suddenly becomes Doctors with Physical injuries …”have you tried X?” “When Sharon hurt her X, She swore by X” “Make sure you X” People are super aware of your injury and go out of their way to help you or not to knock it etc.

Even without injury, Physical health is a constant. We may not all be great at it but we are constantly bombarded with ways to improve our health, things to give up, things to start, Gym’s (although closed right now), classes, home workouts. Social media is full of tips, fitness gurus, and communities. Physical health is important because if you don’t take is seriously you can get sick, get injured, you wont perform the best, you may not look how you want to look or achieve your goals.

And I agree, looking after your Physical health is important.

But isn’t it funny how we don’t treat Mental health the same?

I think a lot of people refer to Mental health and Mental illness as the same but they arent. And its an important myth to break.

From the Oxford Dictionary;

mental illness


  • 1.a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking.

mental health


  • 1.a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being:

Interesting. Not everyone will have or experience mental illness. But mental health is for everyone. And just like with Physical health, if you don’t take mental health seriously then you will be more susceptible to illness.

Also, like Physical illness, some times it doesn’t matter what you do, you could get ill. People never touch a cigarette in their life and still get lung cancer. (you get me?) You can’t control it all, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put yourself in the best position to deal with these things, it puts you at less risk.

It’s something I have had to learn; to take care of my mental health and I think it’s an important lesson for everyone. Don’t wait until you are ill to look after your self. And just because you aren’t ill doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself mentally. Imagine what you could achieve if you treated your brain like you do your body!?

If you are in amazing physical condition – if you don’t keep training, eating well, grooming – you wont stay that way. And the brain is the same.

My Mum hasn’t ever suffered from mental illness, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to look after her mental health? This week she went for one of her walks on a grey, rainy over-cast day, and came across these beautiful flowers, and actively took a second to appreciate them and be in the now, despite the gloomy weather….

There are so many things we can do for our mental health big and small, and in fact looking after yourself physically can mentally help too. You can meditate, you can do something you enjoy, you can take a break, have a spa evening, got to counselling . There’s so much and its very individual to you. Myself and Adrian have recently started telling each other 3 things we are grateful for/ proud of/ happy about each night before bed and actually its been lovely and creates a happy sleep environment. So I challenge you, this week, to do one thing that is for you and your mental health and make it a weekly thing, even if its just half an hour! Treat your mental health more like my week 2 ankle problems….!

Speaking of Week two (Just call me Sophie – loves – a- strong-link-into-the-next-paragraph-Rose) We’ve all smashed it again! Some people have been feeling ill, some people have been busy with work etc but everyone has put the hard work in for the 52k!

Here’s where we are;

As you can see – with 18 days to go – we are pretty much all over half way!! Which is absolutely amazing. So proud of this lot! We’ve also exceeded my fundraising expectations which has been amazing, so I’ve increased our target to £500 to see if we can raise even more money for MIND!

If you want to support us you can donate below, but if you can’t then please share and cheer us on!


Now, As always – here our some of our best bits from throughout the week!

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