Hi, I just wanted to let you know….

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that it's ok. 2020 has been a wild ride, but even covid stuff aside, life can be hard. If you aren't feeling your best self, that sucks. But it doesn't make you bad or a failure, it makes you human. Whatever you are going through you will... Continue Reading →

Passing the baton on the home Straight….

Week 3 Update of 52k for MIND I am super excited to announce that today we have a Guest Blog from my sister Abigail! We are a bit late on the update this week. Full disclosure, I've had a particularly stressful week and my anxiety reared it's head. After many panic attacks I realized I... Continue Reading →

And so it begins…

I am writing this having completed Day 1 of the Lockdown 52k. "Sophie", I hear you say, "what on EARTH is a Lockdown 52k?!" Well thank-you for asking.... And so here begins 32 days of kilometres galore! Each member of the Team are completing the 52k in a way that works for them; Some are... Continue Reading →

That Mental Health Advantage…

So it's an overcast Saturday, tail end of Mental Health Awareness Week and the world is in the middle of a Pandemic. If you read that sentence last year you would have been like "Woah Soph, You've started writing an apocalyptic thriller and want to share it on your Mental health blog, What a shock ending to... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to not be Okay!

Original Post:03/03/2018 It's been much longer than I'd care to admit since my last post.  I've spend months wondering how to say what I've want to say, and here I am, finally finding the words! Over the last year I have not been Okay, and that is OKAY. As usual I can hear you say... Continue Reading →

Be More Umbrella…

Original Post: 03/10/2016 Be more Umbrella?! 'SOPHIE' I hear you cry...'WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT THIS TIME?!' Bare with me guys!, have I let you down yet? Strap in and get ready for the next Sophie's-vague-strange-and-thought-provoking-metaphors, its gonna be bumpy! So, I, Sophie Rose, Pledge to be more umbrella. Depression and mental Illness is often... Continue Reading →

Back to Reality…

Original Post: 29/06/2016 My Graduation Happy Birthday to my Dad. It is the second birthday since he died and 'second' is going to be the theme of this small blog.  Now many people may disagree with me but I think the second year is possibly harder than the first. Because its back to reality. The... Continue Reading →

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