Start by doing what’s necessary….

Week 1 Update of 52k for MIND

We have completed Week 1 of the 52k for MIND fundraiser and it was a good’un! So today I am going to give an update of where we are, how the week has gone but first, some “food for thought”!

Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Francis of Assisi

I found the above quote when I was signed off work due to anxiety/depression.

I had come to a point in my life where getting out of bed was hard, completing even one chore was incredibly overwhelming and just normal functioning was difficult. I couldn’t face being sociable, I couldn’t face exercising or getting out of the house. I felt tired all the time. The truth of the matter was that I felt so overwhelmed by everything, that the mental illness would hold me down, like a weight and I would do nothing.

This isn’t the experience everybody has as it can manifest itself in different ways, but I know I saw this and worse happen to my Dad, and I know my partner Adrian had similar times.

I have always been a busy proactive person, an organizer, and outgoing. Mental health 100% robbed me of that, and I am still working on “finding me” again as I re-discover these parts of me.

I now live by the quote I mentioned further up. It helped me to fight the battle in my head.

We are all too quick to expect the world of our selves, we are never achieving enough, there’s always so much on our to do list and this is overwhelming even if you are not battling mental illness.

For me, I have had the most success when I start small (with the necessary), then when I feel ready I am able to increase what I am doing (the possible) and then before I know it I am doing the things I felt like I never would be able to (the impossible!)

Motivation comes and goes, it’s a feeling you can’t control, but discipline is an action and in your control.

As I’ve mentioned in several blogs, I write lists. Every weekend, I plan my days. I include; waking up, making the bed, breakfast and coffee/energy drink, Lunch, Walk, Shop, Hoover, watch an episode of New girl etc. It helps me to a) focus my mind b) manage my expectations and achievements but above all it serves as a reminder. For a while my list was: wake up, shower, eat good food and maybe one chore if I was feeling up to it. Don’t underestimate the small stuff.

But even if you don’t have the same struggles this mindset can be applied to anything; You’ve never ran before? start with what’s necessary (get out of the house 3 times a week to walk/jog, whatever you can), then whats possible (slowly increase, run more, get faster) and then before you know it, the impossible (you are running 5k 3 times a week) and it doesn’t have to stop there!

Life is a journey, there are ups and downs, Rome wasn’t built in a day and there will be obstacles to overcome, sometimes you will need to show yourself mercy, have a rest, re-evaluate, change course but either way you will get there, in your time.

Which leads me on to my AMAZING fellow fundraisers. I am so proud of how everyone has smashed the first week. Everyone is making their own moves, We’ve got cyclers, we’ve got runners and we’ve got walkers and people with a lot of heart, determination and perseverance!

Here are our totals so far as of the end of week (04/06/2020):

Massive well done to Michael and Andy who both smashed out their 52k this week!!!

Michael completed a single 66k Bike ride!

Andy has completed a mixture of cycles and walks and has run up a total of over 80k – Andy has decided to keep going and see how far he can go which is his “impossible” which is fabulous! Go Andy!

Everyone has really really impressed me with their grit and determination. Everyone has started so strong and no matter their personal situation, no matter their obstacles, no matter their starting point, this 52k is getting obliterated by Dad’s birthday and the money we raise will make a difference!

Thank you for your support, and if you are able to donate then the link is below. We also all acknowledge that this is a difficult time for many people so If you can’t donate, then please share, or post your support and cheer us on!

Here are some amazing photos from the team that document our first week! A mixture of our sweaty faces, some of the records of what we’ve completed (but not all!) and some wonderful sights (and animals) we have seen! Enjoy!

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