Happy Birthday Dad!

Final Update of 52k for MIND

We’ve done it!
Our wonderful team of 11 have completed the lock down 52k for MIND.
Through pouring rain and boiling hot sun, 11 people have cycled, ran and walked their way to 52k.

In 31 days we have completed a whopping 572km!!!
I am so proud and thankful to theses incredible humans, who committed to this fundraiser, overcame their personal hurdles and smashed their personal goals to help me raise awareness and money for an incredible cause.
So, Vanessa, Adrian, Abigail, Benjamin, Katrina, Cameron, Andy, Abbie, Michael and Darshna, Thank you, I could not have done it without you.

As of the moment of writing we have raised an amazing £776, then plus gift aid, a huge £956.75!!
I cannot believe it. Thank you all. It means so much that we have been able to support such an incredible charity, all in celebration of my hero, David Rose.

If you want to help us hit £1000 then donate here

I would like to dedicate the remainder of this Blog to my Dad, the man I do all this for;

Happy birthday.

You may not be here physically to celebrate your birthday for the last 5 years but you have made an impact on the world for the last 52 years and continue to do so.

I am sat here trying to find the words, with some home video’s in the background and all I can feel is love. I, and many others, were blessed to have you in our lives.

Battling mental illness was such a small part of what made you, you;
You were a gentle guy, who loved a laugh and a wind-up. A family man through and through. Dad and uncle were titles you held with pride. You loved your family, your parents, your siblings and your wife more than I could know.

You taught me so much, you always believed in me and called me beautiful no matter what face I pulled. You loved to tease us, and make us groan at your Dad jokes.
I will always treasure the little moments, like when I used to sit on the side of the bath at 6.30 am and you would pull faces in the mirror at me while you shaved. Or trying to pry the remote control out of your hands while you slept on the sofa, only to wake up and insist what you were ‘watching’ had to stay on! or how you would help yourself to what ever left overs I had on my plate and I would wait until you put it in your mouth to say I had dropped it on the floor and for a split second you would believe me.

We all had our ups and downs, you weren’t perfect and neither were we but you gave us all every single bit of Love you had and then some.

I’m so sorry you were in so much pain and had to go but I promise you will live on. We will talk and joke and reminisce. The people in our lives who never got to meet you already feel like they did. My Kids will know who Grandad Rose was and why their Dad pretends to pour gravy all over their head as well as their roast! I will explain to them that you would tell me you loved me to bits and I would insist you had to love me whole! You live on through us, the many traditions and the memories we all have of you.

So, again, Happy Birthday. This Fundraiser is for you, so that we can help a Charity who will work to stop other people feeling like you did.

I love you Whole,

My hero

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