Hi, I just wanted to let you know….

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that it’s ok.

2020 has been a wild ride, but even covid stuff aside, life can be hard.

If you aren’t feeling your best self, that sucks. But it doesn’t make you bad or a failure, it makes you human.

Whatever you are going through you will get through it. If you are having a tough time, or someone you know is, or it just feels a bit meh at the moment, know it will pass.

If you are struggling don’t think that makes you weak, admitting something is wrong isn’t weak, asking for help isn’t weak. Actually there’s power and strength in vulnerability.

A lot of people seem strong but truth is they are too scared to be vulnerable.

Too scared to dive in and feel the pain. But pain = processing and processing = progress and progress = healing and healing = growth but growth doesn’t = perfect because there’s no such thing and no end goal.

You are a wonderful little seed getting ready to sprout and bloom and enjoy the sun in all your perfect imperfectness.

Stop talking to yourself like that. How horrified would you be if you spoke to someone else like you do to yourself in your head. But actually, stopping can feel impossible…

Instead, pause.

Pause when you hear your negative self talk and reflect on that. Try to hold yourself accountable “would I say that to my bestfriend?”

Well done.

Well done for being alive today.

For everything you’ve achieved today. Big and small. You still did it.

Well done for reading this far, for acknowledging you needed this and giving yourself the time.

You’ve got this. You are a warrior and I believe in you.

Soph x

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