And so it begins…

I am writing this having completed Day 1 of the Lockdown 52k.

“Sophie”, I hear you say, “what on EARTH is a Lockdown 52k?!”

Well thank-you for asking….

And so here begins 32 days of kilometres galore!

Each member of the Team are completing the 52k in a way that works for them; Some are splitting it over a few difficult cycle sessions, Some are choosing to complete some tough 5k runs, Some are completing several taxing walks throughout the week, and some will do a mash up of all of them.

I, myself, will be walking, which for me is actually very hard and even risky. Since completing the Bristol 10k 5 years go, I have been plagued with Feet and ankle issues. I have plantar fasciitis (PF) in both feet, which for the most part has calmed down but essentially can feel like walking on glass during a flare up, and due the PF, in my right ankle/calf I now have an area that can flare up mid-walk and essentially leave me hobbling and doing seated workouts for a few days. So if I over do it and don’t take care of my feet, it will be game over for me.

Now I’m not telling you this for sympathy but I think there is an important message through completing this 52k that relates to mental health also….

Everyone can be heading toward the same goal and Everyone can have the capacity to reach that goal (In this case 52k) But each persons journey there will be different. What works for one person wont work for another. Each person will be at a different point of their journey. Each person will face their own set backs, victories and difficulties,and each will look very different to the other. Not one persons journey is better or more important that the next persons. What is important is that this journey is all relative. My struggle with my feet is relative to me, I could think, well my journey is the hardest, But what I might not know is that some else’s struggle is time and fitting it in. The struggles wont always be visible as well. And one of the worst things you can do is compare. I could feel down heartened about having to do little amounts often instead of big chunks but if I did, I would have a flare up and not be able to complete the whole thing at all. Find what works for you.

And now re-read the above passage but sub out the physical anecdotes for mental ones!

Together we will complete this goal, each in our own amazing way, for an awesome cause, pushing our selves relatively! ❤

So I thought this would be a great time to introduce Team Rose and the friends and family who are also taking part along side me:

Vanessa Rose (My Mum, David’s Wife)

Abigail Baxter (My sister, David’s daughter)

Adrian Walsh (My partner, David’s would-son-in-law)

Benjamin Baxter (Abigail’s Husband, David’s-son-in-law)

Katrina Morton (My Aunty, David’s Sister)

Cameron Lochiel (My cousin, David’s Nephew)

Andy Gregory (my cousin-in-law, David’s Nephew-in-law)

Abbie Greenwood (my best friend)

What an amazing bunch of people. I feel so blessed to have these people who want to help make a difference, remember Dad, support mine and so many other peoples Mental health journeys and raise awareness. So thanks guys, and I will post our updates each Friday so you can see how we are getting along!

I also want to Express how astounded I am that we have already almost reached our fundraising Target of £200. BY DAY 1 PEOPLE!!! So thank-you so much to everyone who has donated and for the generosity shown. I am truly blown away. With 32 days to go I am confident we can smash this goal out of the park, and I am so very proud that we can raise this money for MIND.

So this is a short blog with a couple of Direct messages;

Every person’s journey, both mental and physical is relative, and neither one is better or worse than the next. You may not always be able to see other people’s struggles. And you have to take care of yourself to meet your own goals, and if that means going a different route or slower, that is OK too. We are all in this together. ❤

Thank you for your support. Every penny, like, share means a lot. If you can Donate then please follow the link below. If you can’t donate then please share! And help us Switch the light on mental health.

Or you can Scan the QR Code

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